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Honey; the Biggest Food Fraud?

Honey; the Biggest Food Fraud?

Ingredients list: 100% NZ Honey*
*May include traces of sugarcane, corn syrup, or rice syrup. 😲😲😲
You would grab any honey jar off the supermarket shelf without blinking. When you buy honey, your always buying 100% HONEY, right?!
Wrong! Honey is understood to be the MOST ADULTERATED IN THE WORLD. It could be a jar of honey mixed with sugar syrup, or if buying "NZ Honey" or "USA Honey" you could be buying a small amount of NZ honey mixed with cheap, low-grade honey from South America or Asia.
“There is more honey being sold each year than existing bee populations are capable of producing and from some countries which don’t even have the climate or floral resources to produce large volumes of honey,” said Arturo Carrillo, coordinator of the Honey Authenticity Project, which estimates that about a third of worldwide honey imports could be counterfeit.(US beekeepers Sue over imports of Asian fake honey, 2021)
Food Fraud is real and rampant around the world. So how do you know your honey is honey?
When you buy Airborne Honey you can scan a Traceme QR code on your jar. This links to the honey jar's batch code. You'll see;
• Every apiary (site of bees) that contributed to the batch.
• Every drum of honey in the batch.
• Every analytical outcome for every drum in the batch.
• Exactly where and when it was moved along the way through our process, and who moved it.
100% Transparency, for 100% NZ Honey for our Honey Lovers.

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