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Our Quality Guarantee

Our goal is to provide you with repeatable quality and consistent flavour sensations. Once you have decided on your favourite honeys, we want you to be able to repeat your sensory experience each and every time you purchase one of our wonderful honeys!

Our proprietary quality systems use advanced laboratory procedures and tailored software to track each lot of honey supplied from our producers right from the the apiary site to the jar sitting on your table. Email us with a batch number and we will be able to give you a breakdown of the analysis of each and every batch. We will even be able to give you New Zealand 260 series (1:50,000) map references for each apiary.

What further proof do you need when we say we mean QUALITY?!

When we say "No Compromise EVER" We mean it!!

Behind the scenes we still use all our skill and long experience to keep quality at a premium and consistency of flavour right where you expect it to be. Nothing but the Best! And all backed by our no questions asked replacement guarantee*.

Like the rest of our products you can see the batch code on the back that has the assurance that we can trace every drop back to the apiaries in New Zealand that it was produced from. 100% Pure New Zealand Honey! *

*Our Replacement Guarantee 

If at any time you have any complaint about one of our products, we will replace it, no problem, with a courier to your door, with a paid return courier pack to send the faulty product back to us to examine the problem and report back to you. We take our quality very seriously.

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