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We analyse the following parameters for every batch of honey to ensure it meets the identification claim on the label.
The colour of honey is measured on the Pfund scale where 0 is colourless and 140 is so dark brown it's nearly black.
The moisture in honey affects its viscosity and keeping qualities. It should be below 19 and lower is usually better.
One of the two main sugars in honey, glucose is the main sugar in honey that crystallises.
The key pollen in honey comes from the flowers the nectar is gathered from, so is a key indicator of the source of the honey.
The other main sugar in honey, fructose absorbs moisture from the air in humid environments and also provides much of the sweetening power of honey being 1.7 times sweeter than sucrose (table sugar).
Total Pollen_
Total Pollen is the number of pollen grains per 10 grams of honey and shows that the honey hasn't been over filtered. Some manufacturers filter pollen out to control crystallisation but this is removing a natural part of the honey and would no longer considered to be honey in most countries.
Sucrose (normal table sugar) should normally be below 5%. It occurs naturally in the nectar bees collect from flowers and some plants have more than others.
HMF is an indicator substance that accumulates in honey and increases rapidly with heating. Our average is 5, the NZ average is 22 and the EU regulates below 40.
Some honeys have higher levels of maltose and this helps with their identification.

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