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We've been making delicious, nutritious honey for over 110 years.

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Three generations of the Bray family have built Airborne's spirit of creativity, flexibility and enthusiasm. But the most important part of that journey has been YOU. We love your feedback, your intriguing questions that make us think, and your loyalty to our brand. Thank you, your communicatons keep us smiling...

Your honey is awesome. Since the first time I bought it, I haven't bought any other brand. The flavours, the taste are wonderful and I'm a truly loyal customer.


Thank you. The honey arrived by courier this afternoon.
I have just done some taste testing - honey on toast. It was delicious!
There were some lovely layers to the honey, complex and rich! Yum!


Absolutely love your honey, it’s so yummy.


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Manuka & Lemon Lozenges

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Manuka & Lemon Lozenges

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